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12月下旬,初二年级高端英语项目外教Mr. Zucker、Mr.Blake和Mr. Amar三位外教进行了小说阅读、科学及阅读课的公开课展示。初中高端英语项目负责人张丽君主任以及英语教师共同听课观摩。三位外教展示了外教课堂以不同的课型,多途径地培养学生的英语语言能力,提升学生的英语思维。

小说阅读课内容为Narnia第13-14章内容。Mr. Z在小说阅读教学中注重培养学生良好的预习习惯,在课堂引入环节以问题链的形式引导学生理解故事主线,以mind map帮助学生理清文章主线。在课堂任务设置上,教师关注小说小说的语言特点、故事的叙事方法。不断启发学生在语境中理解生词词义,并进行操练。同时,让学生关注作者写作手法。


科学课阅读课主题为“Warm-Blooded Animals”,外教Mr. Blake用英语特有的思维方式不断启发学生探索Warm-Blooded Animals与Cold-blooded animals的不同。把词汇的教学自然的融入到两类动物的理解上,结合图片及释义,让学生在运用理解中习得生词。在纯英语的交流环境中,学生与外教最大程度上进行着思维的碰撞和交互。Mr.Blake还给学生播放了生动的短视频,让学生更直观的感受并理解所学。最后,教师引导学生小组活动制作海报,比较两类动物的不同与相似之处。本节课,学生用英语来探索问题、解决问题的能力得到极大锻炼。


免费看美女直播软件Mr.Amar 的一节阅读课Karate空手道。整节课围绕运动展开,通过阅读学习了这项运动的起原,关于空手道的等级及学习的三个阶段。教师设计的有梯度的阅读任务引导学生在阅读中了解此项运动。同时还拓展了其它国家的一些运动如:泰拳、跆拳道、柔道等。并通过图片形式让学生了解这些运动的起原及形式。最后,Mr. Amar提出了引发学生思考的问题,运动的精神和品质。学生们踊跃发言,交流分享。使学生们的思维得到了很好的提升。本节课以听课教师和学生的单词游戏charade而结束。






@ Mr. Zucker

Today I had the pleasure of hosting an open class for class 9B. Often we try to highlight our top scoring class for the open class but this time I decided to switch some things up. Although the students may not have the best test score, their sense of community has built an amazing atmosphere where learning has become fun and enjoyable. It is that reason that I chose to highlight their class as the open class. The class started with a warm up exercise.

During this exercise the students chose different section from their reading book, Narnia. It was here that the student shined the brightest. Because they are not the greatest test takers, I find it best to work with them in more "non-traditional" ways. Acting exercises are a great example of this. The students thought the portion of the chapter through reenactment.

After this we reviewed their class through comprehension questions. The students had started this during their previous reading class so today it was mostly review and making sure that they understood why the answers were what they were.        

Overall, I thought the class went very smoothly. I am very proud of the community we have built with class 9B and truly believe that they are capable of being better.

@Mr. Blake

       Class 9A from Grade 8 was chosen to partake in an open class for other teachers, both foreign and Chinese, to come and observe.

The subject for the class was “Biology: Warm-Blooded Animals” and was the last topic of the biology unit for the students.

        The class involved an introduction of new vocabulary, new theories and deeper understanding of what makes warm-blooded animals different from cold-blooded animals, and some videos to allow students the opportunity to visualize the vocabulary and concepts. To finish, the students had to get into groups and complete a table that compared and contrasted warm and cold-blooded animals.

        All in all, it was a good class that the students interacted heavily in. I hope the teachers watching were able to gain something from it too.

@ Mr. Amar

       On Friday the 20th of December I had a reading “open class” with grade 8 class 9A. The lesson was focused on the Karate chapter of the Reading A-Z book. This was the second lesson that students had on this chapter of the reading. During the first part of the lesson the students summarized what we had learned from the reading in the previous lesson. This demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the chapter as a whole as well as some of the finer details regarding the topic of Karate. The lesson primarily focused on getting the students engaged with the reading topic and learning new vocabulary surrounding the topic. The students learned the new vocabulary from the chapter. In addition, students were told further information regarding Karate and the good habits it teaches, outside the context of the reading. The students were tested on what they had learned in the lesson and reading with comprehension questions and a quiz. The students performed excellently in these activities and demonstrated great attention to details when scan reading the passage, a skill which will be extremely useful for them in the future.

       The lesson concluded with a summary of Karate and the virtues it ingrains in those who practice it and how these virtues are helpful outside of Karate in one's working and personal life. For the end of the lesson the students and teachers participated in a game called charades where one person from each team had to act out silent clues in order for their teammates to guess a word. Both the students and teachers were eager to join in this activity and showed great enjoyment.

       Overall, I believe the lesson went very well and the students behaved excellently. Some ideas for improvement of the lesson in the future would be to employ methods to get every students participating in answering questions and carrying out activities as well as allowing students more time to write down notes from the PowerPoint slides.

(撰稿:初中国际项目组 宋莉莉 编辑:王天慈

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